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Are you stressed from life? Dissatisfied with your job? Frustrated from your job search? Maybe seeking answers to your relationship questions? Have you lost your self confidence and not feeling very vibrant? No worries, I can help! My work is client focused and provides you with a relaxed, non-judgemental format for maximum engagement. I'm here to assist you with life's questions and motivate you to achieve your greatness that you truly deserve. Let me help you take charge of your life and create the best version of YOU.

As a certified Strategic Life Coach with a focus on emotional intelligence, empowerment and relationship management, and Career Strategy, I am fully able to be your partner in the change that you seek.

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Have you been laid off? Downsized? Terminated? Looking for help to get the right job that's a fit for you?                               To begin the next phase of your best life let's connect.

Rashid is on a mission to help you bring more happiness, freedom and success into your life. Some of us wonder what does a life coach do and how could he bring me the success I am looking for? The answer is that many of us before now had not thought about alternative ways to reach the goals that we set for ourselves. We are the sum of our thoughts and experiences up to today. What do you want your life to be like tomorrow? So let me give you a wonderful example of the value of a life coach in your life. When you are in high school and you want to be the best at your sport, you have coaches to guide you; right? When you followed the requests and exercises of your coach in sports you felt better for it and your skills were enhanced while your confidence was increased in order for you to perform at your very best. This is essential to our growth in our youth. What if you could apply the same principle to your life goals and career? If you could have a guide, a vision assistant to lead you in developing your skills and your psychology toward your best self, would you have the best chance at quantum leaps on your road to success? We are ready and excited about bringing our valued experience and advanced techniques to help you realize your dreams in the shortest amount of time. The sky is not the limit, the sky is your gateway to all that you desire.

Let us be your partner in growing your confidence, your connections, your business and your income. Your dreams are within reach... just reach!

Very excited to work with you!

What are they saying about Author & Coach Rashid Hill?
His Book Review "8 Ways to be 10x Better" 

"What you know is not what you knew! 

You are not your past, You create the future"

We have a Real Opportunity Today!
We are witnessing a health and economic crisis of epic proportions.  Whenever there is a crisis there is opportunity.  Some use their time for good and are rewarded while others not so good!  Let us not forget the one's that have been overwhelmed and not able to cope with the added stress today...Let us be there to help.   Take Action. Get Educated. Get The Help!

Rashid Hill, Entrepreneur, Author

  • "Taking action leads to decisions. Decisions lead to results." - Hill gets down to his instructions immediately and he insists we need not be alone in making the changes to make ourselves the best we can be. (Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Book Reviewer)
  • "I love this book. I am an early riser myself and I definitely see the benefits this has had in my life." (P. Watkins, Educator)

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USAF Veteran. Supply Chain Logistics and Safety Management

Veterans deserve to have simple effective avenues to accomplish their goals. Certainly when you decide to start a business you want to be afforded the best opportunity to succeed. We have created a forum with other veterans to help get you started on the right foot. Your fellow veteran entrepreneurs have opened a path for you to follow.  Visit our group & get the tools and mentorship you need to start your business. Go to Veterans Entrepreneur Solutions

For additional Business Startup Assistance and trends you can also visit my Startup site - 10XEFFECT

Over 25 years with Department of Defense (Military & Civilian)


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Keynote, Special Event, Panelist, Podcast or College club, Toastmasters and online workshops.


Strategic Intervention, Relationship, Career Design, EQ, Business Startup, Veteran Transition


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