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Coaching packages:

As a coach I know the advantage speed brings to individuals, teams and organizations. The value of using solid ideas and concepts that get results are key to client satisfaction. The prepared coaching programs I offer are designed to deliver the results you expect. All programs have been used by myself and many other experienced colleagues. Deployment can typically be done in less than 10 days to an individual or a group/team

Skills Awareness & Focus (SAAF Project)

SAAF is a program that allows people from all levels of organizations and society to tap into their hidden capabilities. Based around the research and experience of two leading transformational practitioners, the process gets people to uncover their passion, rediscover talents and capabilities they had forgotten, accelerate through internal obstacles and multiply the value of their knowledge and relationships. Great for military veterans in transition.

Skill Awareness & Focus is the powerful program designed to reach personnel at all levels in the organization and add value promoting personal and professional development.

What’s in it for You?

  • Looking to create a clearer and more positive future?
  • Want to re-energize yourself and blast towards your goals?
  • Interested in being more productive in what you do or want to do?

 The Skill Awareness & Focus Coaching program is a powerful coaching process based around the original         H.E.R.O. plan for transformational change. A model created and used by the Author and Coach Rashid Hill. The coaching process breaks down into three distinct sections with each one being a separate 45 minute to one hour long coaching dialogue. Each of the sections are called Frames:

Frame #1. S.O.S. Your Story — Find out where you are now and where you want to go. (Start off Slow) Define and learn how you can be the hero of your own life story with the honest discussion that stimulate new possibilities. This session will engage your sense of aspiration and self-motivation. We seek to clarify and define your hopes – through a series of questions and open discussion. We will establish goals but plan to go well beyond what you know and how we will achieve them. (Assessment, Knowledge)

Frame #2. Principles of the Process— In order to break through we must develop a foundation to work from. Pillars are the fundamental foundation that are integral to supporting your transformation. Now we translate intentions into purpose and then into action and apply proven productivity tools to implement the process to grow and nurture the inner qualities that will rocket your aspirations into reality. This phase may take several coaching sessions. (Development, Will)

Frame #3. Growth & Impact — This final coaching session asks you to consider how you can ensure the changes stick, how will you use your skills every day, how do you bring your talents to the broader community and what personal insights and change have you gained through the program? Do you feel more empowered and confident? As you continue to develop your talent, and learn to function with heighten awareness and transferable assets, how do you plan to give back and make your talent a joy for yourself and contribution to the world. (Self-Efficacy, Serving)


Increased energy and focus
Clarified vision
Tools to overcome obstacles
Outcome Oriented
Success Driven
Better leadership
Program Materials:

Physical copy of principal book
Coaching process sheet (HERO Model)


Can be run face to face(F2F) locally or via Digital Online Conferencing Platform (Globally)

PACKAGE 1 - Dynamic SILVER Package - 45 Min to 1 Hour Sessions

$250 for 3 x Coaching Sessions  + 6 emails + 3 Month Free 10X Forum Membership

(Discounts available for 3 month commitment)

PACKAGE 2 - Amazing GOLD Package - 45 min to 1 Hour Sessions

3 x Primary Coaching Sessions and 3 additional sessions to support Frame #2 outcomes  (within 6 mths)

$450 for 6 sessions (Discounts available with a 6 month commitment)

Receive additional support with emails, video conference and social media

PACKAGE 3 - Outstanding PLATINUM Package - 1 Hour Sessions

6 x Primary Coaching Sessions and 4 additional sessions to support Frame 2 & 3

Tailored communication available via Zoom or similar video format

Free access to Personal or Professional Development elearning courses

Additional assessments to develop a more holistic baseline for a successful outcome

1 year Free 10X Forum Membership,  Free access to live training event...

Unlimited email and web conferencing.

$700/month (min 3 months with 20% discount if paid in full)


  • 8-10 people for group @ 4 x 2hr live sessions
  • Books and materials included. *Discounts available for Non-profits.
  • Investment: $300 per person
  • For more details click here: Coaching Programs

H.E.R.O. Model - If you are looking for the most effective and definitive route to your best outcome, this is it. This is my ultimate coaching framework that will give you results to develop the best YOU. Stop wishing and hoping and start achieving! If you desire to stop feeling the emptiness in your stomach pulling you this way and that way emotionally... let me help. The 6 phase system to your best life. Take Back Your Life! For more details I invite you to an introductory call.  This is the initial meeting offered to just introduce the potential client to life coaching and see if we are a right fit for each other. In brief, there is no charge for the initial exploring session. This is different from the actual initial session that will be discussed with the coaching packages. The "strategy" session is the first session of a paid coaching package. In the introduction call I elaborate on some of the common questions that are asked.

Relationship Connection * Having issues finding love, holding on to love, or just trying to figure out how to love yourself? We are ready and happy to assist you on your journey to discovering how to first love yourself. Then how to handle the search for the right man or woman to spend your best years with. Your true love is looking for you too. Better communication and speaking a common language. Focus: 7 Steps to Relationship Breakthrough

Career Design/Development * Jobless or Soon-to-Be? In transition looking for something better? Have you been downsized, laid off, or let go recently? We are here to help. If you are looking for the best resources to build your skills and value to ace an interview, impress the panel and become the candidate of choice next time out, you are in the right place.  Do you want your next job to be your dream job? Being absolutely prepared makes you a uncontested winner. We get you ready resume ready - interview ready, onboard ready!  Please visit our career portal here - Best Career

*Veteran-Owned Small Business Startup*  "VetStart" is the program that will get you ready to take your business idea and turn it into a viable company.  Taking personal knowledge of many successful veteran entrepreneurs and years of research and experience, our program will give you the answers you seek about starting your very own business and/or scaling it for national or international growth.  Please visit our Business Forum (VESS)

Writing Coach/Consultant * Have you found yourself wondering if you really want to write that book? Starring at the blank page can't seem to get going? No worries, I've been in your shoes and now ready to be of service to ensure you get your creativity back, inspire your writing and have you published in less than 30 days! See our writer's workshop below.

Advanced Coaching * (from Robbins Results Coaching)

Strategic Intervention Solution;  What is SI? How is it different from personal or life coaching? How does it produce results in such a short timeframe? Is it right for my situation?

My Focus: 3 Steps to create a compelling future by addressing the 6 Human Needs

*Disclaimer* All of my coaching programs have a foundation based on Strategic Intervention coaching methodology. 

For Reference... NLP/NAC is one of the tools that my mentor teaches; You may have heard of NLP in the media. This has become very popular all over the world. Tony Robbins has taken the principles of NLP and created the Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) solution. This is a very dynamic and lasting solution to many of life's toughest psychological conditions. What if you could quit smoking, lose weight, or stop anxiety or depression with just a few sessions? Would it be worth your time? Maybe you are trying right now with less than favorable results. But imagine how you would feel if you could really achieve this...permanently in just a few sessions! NLP is a proven solution to many fears and phobias that can stop you from living your life or your best life. Many coaches are adding this to their toolbox for good reason.

Group for Collaboration on Strategic Growth and Contribution: This is an online 10X "Think Tank" or "MasterMind" made up of 5 core members called The Board. This is the membership forum mentioned in the Coaching packages.  Currently using the podcast platform of "The Triple Effect" (on Anchor.fm) to bring awareness to the Law of Balance and Polarity. Intelligent discourse to explore executive options within each member's business models by presenting their thoughts on professional issues to the group and receive qualified comments on and develop creative, yet progressive ideas to ultimately move each member and their business forward. It's High Tech-Connect. The theme is about contributing beyond oneself. "If you can, you should. If you can't, you must!" (Monthly)

Ignition Events Presents

(Financial Fitness, Future of Work , Business Training, Career Readiness Workshops)

Ultimate Weekend Plan(UWP): 2-3 day(in person) or 4hr Virtual/ONLINE - The premier symposium of powerful presentations to stimulate uniquely ideological minds and grand visuals of how great our abilities really are. Group huddles (Zoom Rooms) with professionals discussing "how can I help you" with your challenges? Bringing a variety of skill sets with a common purpose to connect and network toward increasing your wealth, health and personal positioning; ultimately to benefit society as well as yourself. Discussing solutions about creating a wealthy/healthy balance &  leaving a prosperous legacy. Impactful talks on Financial Fitness, wealth creation, Maximizing Online Media, investing in emerging technologies, Is the 4th Industrial Revolution helping me, Valuable Property Investments, Active Online & Engaged, A H.E.R.O. for Achievers, The Future of Work... and so much more.

More Online Programs = Can be used offline for training events.

  • Mentorship and knowing the value of a Coach (from the book)
  • Top 3 Peak Performance Tips for Leaders unlocked & defined
  • Future of Work and Strategies to upskill, reskill or be replaced
  • 5 Compelling ways to go from Offline to Online without fear
  • 7 Steps to publishing your book in 30 days!  
  • The 6 Human Needs and 3 Laws of the Will

Please check with us for program updates and fees - Email Rashid

Special Coaching & Education Programs

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